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Capability Maturity Model Integration

What is CMMI?

The CMMI describes the principles and practices underlying software process maturity and is intended to help software organizations improve the maturity of their software processes in terms of an evolutionary path from ad hoc, chaotic processes to mature,disciplined software processes.

CMMI is organized into five maturity levels. A maturity level is a well – defined evolutionary plateau toward achieving a mature software process.Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement.

CMMI Advisory

CMMI Advisory is about guidance in implementation for Advisory process areas of CMMI which is a structured collection of best practices in the area of software and system design and development. CMMI Advisory is not essentially management system Advisory to the extent that it does not cover design of a management system but emphasizes on use of best practices in Software and System design and development.

For an organizational change, all elements are required for success and change – vision, skills, incentives, resources and action planning. CMMI Advisory act as catalysts to the organizational change process so that all the success elements are present and organizational change is a reality.


  • Prioritizing and Organizational Focus
  • Planning and Process Baselining
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capability Assessment

CMMI Appriasal

CMMI Assessments like assessments based on SCAMPI Assessment Methods provide you with a report card on your Process Improvement Efforts. These CMMI Assessments also help you in prioritizing the areas of improvement and facilitate the development of strategy for consolidating the process improvements on a sustainable basis. The benefits that might be observed end the end of a CMMI Process Model Implementation cycle can be as follows:

  • Reduction of rework
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Projects on time and within budget
  • Employees see benefits
  • Reduction in cost

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